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Do You Worry About Your Hamstrings?

If so, do you include eccentric loading exercises in your training regime?

If not, read on . . .

Choosing the right training regime can mean that you decrease your chances of a hamstring injury considerably. Research has shown that increasing hamstring length by 0.5cm correlates with a decrease in potential hamstring injury of 74% - so how should that information impact our training regime?

The correct training regime for prevention of hamstring injury Is . . .

A randomised control trial was set up to look at the effects of different exercise regimes on hamstring length. The trial was comprised of three groups, exercising for 12 weeks on one of the following programs:

  • Static bike exercise, 3 times per week

  • Strengthening exercises routine, 3 times per week

  • Combined static bike and strengthening exercises, 6 times per week

And the Winner Was . . . .?

None of them.

The results showed that the static bike group had an average decrease in hamstring length of 1.4cm.

The group using a combined approach had an average decrease in hamstring length of 0.95cm.

The group with the best result was the group doing only strength training, in that group the hamstring length did not alter through the time of the trial.

To be clear on these results – no group showed the desired increase in hamstring length, and the group doing only endurance training had the worst result.

Why Did None of these Approaches Help?

None of the training regimes included eccentric exercises which have been proven to lengthen hamstrings.

If you are still training, but not including effective eccentric exercises into your training regime, you should review your training regime. I would be very happy to work with you to guide and advise you. I can work remotely through phone, Skype or Zoom.

Send me an email or drop me a phone call to discuss how this research could impact you and how to make the most of the time you have to train. or call me on 01621786600

I am always reading and researching to make sure I base my clinical advice on the best possible foundations. Covid19 has given me a bit of extra time, so I am going to write short pieces on some of the thought provoking research that I read.

Please feel free to share this to anyone who might benefit from staying up to date with the latest research on how to train safely.

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