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Anxiety and Chinese Acupuncture

June 15, 2015


Classical Acupuncture could hold the answer.


The vast majority of us are familiar with feelings of anxiety, but these fleeting, temporary anxieties are very different from the chronic, uncontrollable, debilitating anxiety felt by someone with an anxiety disorder. Someone with a General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) may live from day to day with a sense of worry or dread and feel constantly irritable and on edge; approximately 1 in 6 of the population suffer with some form of anxiety disorder. As well as these emotional symptoms they may develop physical symptoms such as poor sleep patterns, digestive disturbance, headaches, shortness of breath, cold extremities and muscular aches, pains or tremors.


Clinical anxiety can be very difficult to treat as it does not always respond to medications or talking therapies.Acupuncture can be an effective treatment option for anxiety disorders because each patient presents with a unique pattern of triggers and symptoms. Classical Acupuncture provides an alternative perspective on health and illness, with no distinction between physical and emotional health. This makes it particularly applicable to conditions where there is a close relationship between the state of mind and the physical body. Diagnosis aims to identify the underlying cause, treatment aims to restore balance rather than simply mask the physical symptoms of anxiety.


Initially I look for signs of disturbance in the energy distribution, evidence of energy imbalance; any prolonged exposure to emotionally, mentally or physically intense situations can interfere with the distribution of energy in the body. These disturbances can ripple through the whole system causing a wide variety of symptoms which may bear little relation to the underlying cause.


The treatment itself involves gentle insertion of a small number of fine, sterile, single-use needles, the needles themselves are very thin, thinner than the average human hair!Acupuncture does not interfere with medication, it can be used either as an alternative to medication, or alongside existing medication. The response rate to treatment can be difficult to predict but a single acupuncture treatment will usually leave a patient with a general sense of calm and well-being which grows over the days following treatment; a single course of 3-4 treatments is often enough to set a lasting change though some patients choose to return periodically for a ‘reset’.


If you have any further questions about whether Classical Acupuncture could be helpful for your situation, please call the clinic and ask to speak to Alex O’Connor.


Alexandra O’Connor

Holicity Acupuncture in association with Link Clinics



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