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All I want for Christmas . . .

Dear Santa,

One thing I would like for Christmas is a bit of a rest! It’s been a busy year for us. We have moved home, our eldest has gone off to Aberystwyth University (very far away!), our middle one has started secondary school and we have opened a new clinic location in Danbury. All incredibly exciting, but it has felt like we’ve been caught in a perpetual whirlwind. To end the year on a busy note, we are now expanding the range of health and wellness products we stock, adding Tisserand to our existing range of BetterYou and Lamberts Healthcare products. Tisserand is a Sussex based aromatherapy company producing exquisite aromatherapy products to enhance wellbeing; bath soaks, body washes and hand creams in gorgeous combinations such as Neroli & Sandalwood or Lavender & White Mint. We only stock quality products we love to use or would confidently recommend to friends and family so we are hoping our customers will enjoy them too. So Santa, if you would like to pop any of these wonderful things my stocking, you know where to find them!

In our house one of our regular arguments revolves around screen-time for the kids – they would spend the whole of their Christmas holidays with a phone or some other electronic device in their hands if they could, potentially missing the whole event. So, dear Santa, please could you send us the willpower we will need to tackle this insidious intrusion of electronic gadgets by setting (and sticking to) rules to help us control this so that they can generate some wonderful Christmas memories they will treasure forever!

But Santa, the most important thing I would like to add to my Christmas list is the gift of presence. And I didn’t spell that incorrectly! I don’t need a pile of things under the tree, but I would like to be really present through Christmas, I would like to be able to let go of any little niggles, gripes and grudges and stop worrying about what next year will bring (Brexit/Bremain?). Here and now is all that really matters; time is always more precious than we realise. Christmas is a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time with precious family and friends, but if we are not committed to being present we can be so tied up with issues from the past or worries about the future that we miss these moments altogether. The true gift of Christmas comes from remaining present, so the gift of Christmas presence would be top of my list.

So Santa, that’s if for us - a bit of a rest, some wonderfully smelly things for my Christmas stocking (standard request for dark chocolate from Nick) and lots of presence please! And is there anything we can do for you in return – maybe a course of acupuncture in the New Year to help you to recover from all the hard work you will be doing in December, or a couple of osteopathic treatments to sort your back out after that long night of lugging a heavy sack all over the place!?

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy New Year from myself and the rest of the team – Nick, Gillian, Melvyn and Diana.

Alexandra O’Connor LicAc MBAcC Licensed Acupuncturist Nick O’Connor Registered Osteopath Holicity Health Burnham 01621 786600 / Danbury 01245 226007