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gently restoring health and wellbeing . . .


The Classical AcupunctureTreatment Experience . . .

You will be asked about many aspects of your health including your sleep patterns, digestive health, energy levels, medical history and stress; your answers will reveal a multi dimensional picture of your state of health. A wide spectrum of signs and symptoms from body diagnosis and pulse-taking are also gathered before this wealth of information is assessed to determine the root of your problems, and how best to approach treatment.


A small number of ultra-fine, sterile, single-use needles are inserted into specific points on the body to help restore free-flow of energy, to restore balance and to encourage the body's own natural healing processes; in majority of treatments between 4-6 needles is sufficient; cupping or moxa may be used if appropriate. When the needles are placed, there may be a sensation of tension release; patients frequently comment how the treatment puts them into a deeply relaxed state.


My extensive training in the classical approach to diagnosis and point selection means I can construct a highly personalised treatment plan using a minimal number of needles. Diagnosing and treating according to classical theories in this way allows me to create a treatment that sends a simple, clear message to the body; the simplicity of the treatment increases it's potential.


Once the treatment is underway you may drift into a very relaxed, almost dreamy state; I will stay with you throughout the treatment to monitor your pulses as necessary and keep an eye on any burning moxa. Following treatment you may find the sense of deep relaxation stays with you a while, sleep may improve noticeably from the first night. Some symptoms respond quickly, while other symptoms recede more slowly; I generally recommend an interval of a week between treatments initially, though this interval may shorten or lengthen according to your response.